Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Setting up Dell Studio XPS 16

It's been about a week since I got a new Dell Studio XPS 16 i7 laptop. The first thing I did was to install Ubuntu 9.10. The only problem was sound. This site had a solution:

Ubuntu 9.10 and Dell XPS 16 i7 install

Then I tried installing XP in the third partition. The installer disk gave me the blue screen a few times before I found this site:

How to Set Up Window XP on a Studio XPS 16 Laptop

The problem was that XP's installer doesn't know SATA! I needed to create a new installer image with SATA drivers. Nlite was a pretty nice tool to do the job. I was happy for a while until I found I couldn't boot Windows 7 any more. I re-installed Windows 7 from the re-installation DVD.

Finally I installed Ubuntu 9.10 64bit in the fourth partition since 32bit version can use only 3.2 out of 4GB memory.
That's how I got a quad boot machine :)

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