Friday, June 4, 2010

Ruby now rejects to link readline 6

It took a while for me to figure out why I can't enable readline in ruby any more.
The revision 28118 (06/01/2010) has changed readline/extconf.rb to reject readline V6.

According to ruby-core:25272, it is addressing a GPLv3 issue. Here's from the original post:


Recently readline 6.0 was released and its license was changed from GPLv2+ (GPL version 2 and any later) to GPLv3+ [1][2]
Unfortunately Ruby's license is still under GPLv2 and Ruby's original license [3], which is incompatible with GPLv3 [4]. So unless Ruby's license is changed to "GPLv2+ or Ruby's original license" or so , Ruby's readline module cannot be shipped any more. Note that "Ruby's original license" is regarded as incompatible with GPL [5].

So please change the Ruby's license to GPLv3 (and GPLv2) compat.


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